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The process of accurately pricing a home for the market is part art, part science. We believe there is no better way to accurately value a home than by hand – yea, the old fashioned way. Yep, we actually use pen, paper, and a calculator (ok – the computer is used for data collection). Crazy, we know. But when it comes to your most valuable asset, we take the responsibility of valuing it accurately very personally.

Never Trust an AVM (Automated Valuation Model)

What the heck is an AVM? You ask.  Well, it’s a fancy name for the way a computer comes up with a value for your home based on a computer program.  Think of that national website that starts with a Z and their Z-Estimate.

There is a lot of valuation information available to consumers on the internet about home values – unfortunately, none of it is particularly good information.  Any time you click on something that says “what’s the value of my home” it’s probably an AVM. The biggest problem is they evaluate home values using outdated information and assume all homes in a geographic area are the same and only vary by size.  So unless your home is exactly like hundreds more in your area, the values given only establish an expectation that either severely undervalues or overvalues your home. Both cases are bad.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – what it is (and isn’t)

A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), also known as a Comparative Market Analysis starts with an objective valuation of your home based on similar homes in your similar area.  We look at the values of homes that have sold and closed, homes that are pending but haven’t closed yet, and homes currently active in your area. From there, we establish a recommended list price for your home.  You should avoid selecting a listing brokerage just because they recommended the highest price for your home. Choose the one that best relates to you why their recommendations are what they are and how those recommendations meet your goals.

Let’s see what the market has to say about your home’s value.  Click on the link below and be sure to include your current home’s address.  We will prepare a no-obligation CMA – a real CMA, not an AVM.

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