Cash Rebate

Receive a CASH REBATE of 20% of the SELLING BROKERAGE COMMISSION when you close on your new home with Pinnacle Realty of Idaho as your (the buyer’s) brokerage. *  

Here’s how it works…

1. Reference this offer in your initial contact with Pinnacle Realty of Idaho

2. We find your perfect home and represent you in your negotiations to get your best deal and manage the transaction details to close

3. When your purchase funds and records, we deliver a check to you for 20% of the selling brokerage commission* along with the keys to YOUR NEW HOME! 

4. OR, use your Rebate for closing costs, rate buydowns, or any other Lender Approved use (subject to lender approval)

Don’t Wait! This offer does not last forever. **

Call us TODAY! 208-870-3062 or STAKE YOUR CLAIM NOW***


*Restrictions and Limitations: The buyer cannot be in an active Buyer Representation Agreement with another brokerage.  If you are, please disregard this offer.  The property purchased must be listed in MLS and be located in Ada or Canyon County, Idaho, and be a single-family home, townhome, or condo. Buyer may use Rebate to meet their cash-to-close requirements (closing costs, pre-paids, prorations, buy-downs, etc) only if allowed by lender. Subject to the terms of the Buyer Representation Agreement executed between Buyer(s) and Pinnacle Realty of Idaho, LLC, John Chandler, Broker.

**Rebate eligibility timeframes: Buyer Representation Agreement signed with Pinnacle Realty of Idaho by 6/1/23, Buyer’s purchase contract accepted by Seller 8/1/23, and close on or before 10/1/23. 

***Additional Details: Cash Rebate only paid at successful closing.  Brokerage is under no obligation to pay if no closing occurs or if eligibility requirements are not met.  Brokerage may cancel offer at any time.  CLAIM REBATE NOW button allows buyer to register for rebate eligibility if all other requirements are met even if Brokerage cancels offer.  Buyer is not obligated to work with Brokerage until a Buyer Representation Agreement is signed.