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“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein

John Chandler – Founder, Broker, Owner

John has been practicing Real Estate full time since 2004.

He became a broker in 2010 and created Pinnacle Realty of Idaho which served as the brokerage for the entire Coleman Homes (now Toll Brothers) sales operation for the next 4 years.

His full time focus has led John to the heights of production within the Intermountain MLS region.   John’s lifetime production puts him in the Top 1.4% of all active agents dating all the way back to 2004.

He’s also served in leadership positions within the Boise Area Realtors Association.

Unsung Hero Award

In 2011, John was recognized by the local Realtor’s Association as the Association’s “Unsung Hero” for his original concept that directly lead to the Idaho Housing’s Federal Tax Credit Loan Program. The program allowed buyers to borrow against the federal government’s tax incentive program in order to use that money for down payment.  John says, “It didn’t make any sense to send a check to buyers after they purchased their home when they really needed that money upfront to even have the opportunity to buy in the first place.” John, along with Mark Lebowitz, the Executive Director of the Association at that time worked with Idaho Housing executives to create the program that was implemented and used by over one thousand first time home buyers throughout Idaho.


It seems like every market phase has its challenges. In a Hot Market, Buyers need the most current updates on new homes entering the market and an available and attentive level of service to ensure they get the first look at these properties.  Sellers need to be ready for potential multiple offers and a steady stream of prospects walking through their home.  Both sides need a full-time Realtor working hard to help them achieve their goals.


After 18 years in the industry, we have established great relationships with some of the most innovative lenders in the market.  Finding creative ways for Buyers and Sellers to achieve their goals is as important as finding the right home you are buying or getting the most for the home you are selling.  Sellers benefit from a strong lender by knowing how to make their move as seamless as possible and even how to potentially increase the net proceeds available from the sale.  Buyers benefit from local decision making and a can do approach.  We can’t count the times that these attributes have helped save transactions or helped pull transactions together.

Whether you are buying or selling, you deserve the very best service, information, and assistance available.  We would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your real estate journey.  We are confident you will be sharing your positive experiences with your friends, family, and associates.  Just like the hundreds of satisfied clients before you.

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