A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), also known as a Comparative Market Analysis starts with an objective valuation of your home based on similar homes in your similar area.  We look at the values of homes that have sold and closed, homes that are pending but haven’t closed yet, and homes currently active in your area. From there, we establish a recommended list price for your home.  You should avoid selecting a listing brokerage just because they recommended the highest price for your home. Choose the one that best relates to you why their recommendations are what they are and how those recommendations meet your goals.

The market has a “voice” and the market will tell you very quickly if your home missed the mark in pricing.  One cost of missing the mark is longer days on the market and excluding buyers for your home. But the real cost is that studies show that homes that are on the market longer than the average tend to go for less than the market value because they become stigmatized by long days on market. 

Lets see what the market has to say about your home’s value.  Within minutes, you will receive a “Quick CMA” that gives you a snapshot of activity in your local area.  From there, we will prepare an in-depth, objective, evaluation of the most comparable homes to yours and give you an honest assessment of the recommended list price that will ensure you get the interest and showing activity you need to accomplish your goals.

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