We start with the end in mind

Pinnacle Realty of Idaho is a full service real estate group that strives to offer a truly unique service commitment to its clients. We seek to understand the complete purpose of your purchase or move and provide a bundle of services that deliver the results you desire.  In other words, we start with the end in mind.

We don’t approach our client relationships as transactions. We strive to build relationships that focus on not just the purchase and sale of real estate but the how your life will be improved by the purchase or sale of your home.  We don’t consider our job done until your complete objectives have been met.


Putting your interests ahead of all others – including our own

It’s part of the credo of client relationships that we as real estate licensees will put your interests ahead of all others.  It’s the second part of the statement that isn’t printed but certainly is implied.  If we are putting your interests ahead of all others, wouldn’t that naturally include our own personal interests.  At Pinnacle Realty of Idaho, that is exactly our approach. We ask questions about your goals.  We have to understand the reasons for the move before we can understand what success from your perspective looks like.  We have to dig deep into the elements of the home you want so we can help you get into the home that not only meets today’s needs but for years to come.  Our Buyers For Life approach is real.  We know that if we do right by you, we have a pretty good chance of being able to help your friends, family, and associates. But if we don’t do right by you, we will never have that chance.  So focusing on one client at a time, providing an exceptional level of professional services to each and every client we have the opportunity to serve, and repeating that process over and over again has allowed us to grow our business even during the worst of times.  We would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and discuss your goals.